The Importance of Integrating Events Into Your Marketing Mix

Event marketing is an important strategy to add to your marketing mix. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, being there in person gives you the opportunity to establish human relationships, which can turn into potential business connections. Measuring the sales or tracking networking efforts at your event is an easy way to determine the ROI of the event. 


The following are a few reasons why integrating event marketing is a good way to maintain professional relationships and grow your business.   


Brand Awareness – Events are a great way for customers and prospects to discover you and your brand. By hosting an activity, seminar, or conference, you are giving people the opportunity to interact with your brand and get to know your accomplishments and vision for the future. 


Growing Your Database – Even if the people you meet do not immediately convert, there is a key opportunity to add them to your database. They will become a lead that you can nurture through the sales process. This is especially true for B2B marketers as you never know who could eventually need your service. 


Establishing Relationships – Relationship building is especially helpful because interpersonal connection can be the first step to renewals or new customers. People are more likely to call someone or seek their service if they know who you are and how you present yourself. 


Building Credibility – By hosting an educational event, such as a seminar or roundtable, you establish yourself as a thought leader and even a teacher. Any time you offer a class or other valuable career development event, you demonstrate that you have something to teach and this establishes credibility. 


Event marketing provides you with the opportunity to grow awareness, sales, and leads through valuable face-to-face connections. Take advantage of opportunities like these that will make a difference to your company.