DESCRIPTION: ORT America is the largest non-governmental educational organization in the world, currently serving 300,000 students in 55 countries across the globe. ORT was established in Russia in 1880 to help the Jewish population of 5 million in the Pale of Settlement by providing educational opportunities to lift people out of poverty, transforming their lives with dignity and purpose. Today, it accomplishes this on an international scale.

ASSIGNMENT: To acquire positive coverage for the organization and their events both regionally and nationally and create a public relations and social media campaign to reinvigorate its’ national presence throughout every region in which it is involved.

Results: As an extension of their marketing department, we successfully generated media placements and increased the organization’s membership and online and regional meetings in multiple cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and South Florida. The organization gained significant visibility from multiple placements in media such as The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Magazine, Crain’s New York and many more.