Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2020

taking a look back

As we enter the last quarter of the year 2019,

we’re brushing up on what’s to come for 2020. What marketing trends are being phased out? What will continue to be hot? And what’s totally new?

Here we break down the biggest B2B marketing trends for businesses in 2020.

  1. Content Marketing. Content is king continues. Quality content allows you to communicate with your audience from a position of authority, and it positions your brand as a leader amongst a sea of competition. The key in content marketing for 2020 will be concise messaging that is focused on the value proposition. This trend is increasingly important as audiences want to see the most important facts front and center, so make sure your readers don’t have to dig for the good stuff.
  2. Interactive Content. In 2020, companies will be leveraging interactive content such as such as shoppable posts, AR/VR, 360-degree video, quizzes and polls. Interactive content not only brings value to the customer, but it provides marketing teams with key buyer insights and behavior data. This type of marketing trend will continue to grow as buyers become increasingly involved in the function of actual purchasing and continue to have brand loyalty. Keep in mind that your most loyal customers will be the ones to participate in interactive content, and they are who you really want to really focus in on.  
  3. Video. Business and life move fast. There aren’t many of us who have time to read pages of material to learn more about your company and services. One of the best ways to deliver a message is through video. With video, dynamic and engaging visual aspects coincide with text in the form of voiceover, and the message is easier to understand, remember, and act upon.
  4. Micro-Moments. Providing micro-moments will be crucial in the coming year. These are actions that consumers take when they want to learn more or take action NOW. With micro-moments, expectations are extremely high and speed is a critical element. Customers will expect an actionable reaction in real time, such as linking a product in a social media photo with the product name and price with an immediate shopping function. To be capable of handling micro-moments, you need to have the information already there in the moment the customer wants to take an action.

These key trends will continue to be crucial parts of your marketing mix in 2020 and likely beyond that. Keep them top of mind now and you’ll see the results of your efforts will follow.