Mechanics of Marketing

how it all works

When you think of marketing,

what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Most people have a different perspective. Perhaps it’s promoting a website, sending out an email campaign, or giving out promotional items.

The thing about marketing is that there is not one simple thing you can do to succeed. Marketing is a well-oiled machine comprised of multiple moving parts and they all have to be in motion simultaneously.

There is also not a one-size-fits-all. You have to look at which pieces or functions are right for you and your company or firm.

People have asked us, do you have a template you can provide? Although we may have some initial recommendations that translate across most industries, we must take the time to discover what is the overall big picture and goals in order to create a specific plan. In other words, we need to dig deep in order to have a complete vision of the organization for which we are making recommendations.

A car may look beautiful from the outside, but internally, the engine may need service. That repair needs attention first, prior to getting it ready to drive around Ocean Drive, 5th Avenue, or the PCH.

So the next time you think about marketing, consider what will achieve the greatest results and engage your target market in the most efficient and effective way possible. Then, take that car for a spin.