How To Create An Email Campaign That Works

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Let’s start by defining one of the marketing industry’s biggest buzz word term:

email campaign. An email campaign is a series of polished and designed emails that are distributed to existing and potential customers to communicate your latest news and offerings. The goal is to engage the reader and encourage an increase in brand recognition and sales.

Email campaigns keep you top of mind and can deliver big results if you are sending consistent and appealing communications.

Here are 3 Top Tips for Successful Email Campaigns from our Digital Marketing Communications Director, Pam Ossa-Kane.

Create a Clear Call to Action
The average time spent reading an email is 11 seconds.  That’s not a lot of time for customers to fiddle around with your email, trying to figure out what it’s all about.  Be clear and concise.  Clear messaging will engage your customers with your company just as you intended.  Plus, it will eliminate any confusion or ambiguity that may turn a customer off from your messaging altogether.

Know Who You are Targeting Based on Where They Fall in the Customer Cycle
It’s critical to understand at what phase of the customer journey your targets are in and then you must ensure your email speaks to them accordingly.  Are they an established customer looking for additional savings? Or are they a brand new customer that has never done business with you before? Whatever phase they’re in, make sure your email caters to them and you will find better overall engagement.

Test, Test and Then Test Some More
The beauty of email marketing is the ability to continuously optimize your results by testing.  Make sure to test everything from templates to subject lines, offers to target lists.  By testing you will continue to make the necessary changes along the way to keep your overall campaign fresh and relevant.  And the best part is that your continued efforts will show in your results and overall return on investment.

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