How Quarterly Evaluations Create Marketing Success

10 evaluation tips

As we approach the end of the second quarter this month,

now is a good time to measure and review the results of your marketing activities. What worked and what didn’t? What was cost effective with a great ROI vs too costly to justify the results?

Quarterly evaluations allow enough time for the right strategies to show results and make an impact. What’s not working will be easier to identify as well.

Here are our Top 10 Factors to Consider During Quarterly


  1. Measure the effectiveness of your current strategies. Do you need to head a different direction?
  2. Evaluate competitors. What seemed to work for them during this time period?
  3. Take a look at your social media engagement. What types of posts got the best engagement?
  4. Do research to stay informed. What new tactics are being used? Are there new forms of marketing (podcasts, vodcasts, live posts, etc.) that you can leverage in the next quarter?
  5. Keep your materials and messaging current. Do you have new case studies, work, or results to share?
  6. In conjunction with tip number five, remove any work that no longer reflects your brand.
  7. Set short term goals, for next quarter. At the end of the next quarter, what kind of results do you want to see?
  8. Review your social and website analytics. Where are your customers coming from and how can you reach them more effectively next quarterly?
  9. Refresh your brand by taking a look at your current logo, social media design, messaging, and website. Is there anything that could use updating?
  10. Invest in your brand by determining what kind of budget you can allocate this quarter to various marketing investments such as advertisements, social media promotions, or creative.

A new quarter is a fresh start, but don’t go into it blindly. Take time to review these tips and see what’s working best for your brand before jumping into Q3.

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