Ask an Expert. Is the Press Release Really Dead?

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There have been rumors going around, 

but is the press release really dead? According to our Director of Content Strategy, absolutely not. Press releases simply aren’t being used in the same way they were.

In the past, they were essentially the ONLY tool for delivering a company’s message to journalists. However, the traditional press release can still serve a very important – dare we say essential – purpose even in the social media age.

You can still leverage a press release to not only secure media results, but for your organization’s content purposes as well. With a press release, you can convey your message in a format that showcases all the facts and puts a time stamp on the announcement. For some announcements, these elements are crucial.

We encourage our clients to use press releases in a few different ways:

  1. To officially announce or launch a new service, offering, or piece of timely company news
  2. To serve as supporting information in addition to a friendly and more casual media pitch
  3. For use as a piece of content within a company blog or newsfeed that gives it a place to live online 

    We write an average of 1-2 press releases per month for our clients. Even if you want shake things up and do a video press release, a written press release should accompany it for additional information. In short, as long as there’s an important announcement to get out to the media, the press release (or some form of it) will never die!

Stay tuned for a follow up article on this topic in which we will explore modern alternatives to the traditional press release that leverage digital solutions and are extra creative!

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