8 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Press Placements

Take full advantage

You were just featured in the news? How exciting!

Now that your company name has been printed or aired, it’s time to let everyone who may not have seen it yet know.

Our clients often ask us what to do with their press placements once the piece has run and we’ve provided them with clippings and analytics. Well, here is our list of eight great ways to maximize the exposure of your press.

1. Post a JPG image clipping to your company social media channels in a “Press” album.
2. Create an email campaign that showcases your feature.
3. Print the clipping and use it in your marketing materials. Side note – you can use your clippings forever!
4. Print the clipping and use it as a display at industry conferences.
5. Create a press book that customers can flip through while they wait to meet with you or while they shop.
6. Develop a Press section on your website and host the placements there.
7. Use your clipping in your social media advertising.
8. Have your favorite placements framed and hang them in your office.

There are so many places to share your news these days. We hope this list helps you get the most out of your press.