3 Ways To Use Online Content To Market Your Lawfirm

Getting ahead with a solid team.

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As a law firm, content creation should be considered a vital part of your marketing mix. Through content, your online presence will become a tool that can entice potential clients to hire you, while also keeping former clients engaged.

This can be completed by utilizing three targeted content marketing strategies. Lucky for you, this is our specialty. Keep reading to learn more.

1) Write original content to help get discovered online. When a potential client visits your website, you want to assure them that they are in the right hands. Creating content, such as original blog posts or linking to your social media channels, will provide keywords for search engines to pick up on. This will help for having your site appear at the top of the list when googled or searched. It also gives clients a better idea of who you are and your firm’s specialty, thereby creating an initial level of trust. Content can be in the form of briefings of past and future cases that you are able to promote, descriptions of each lawyer at your firm and their education background, or any other inviting information that gives readers a better understanding of you and your firm.

2) Promote yourself regularly on social media. Social media is a dominating force in most companies’ marketing mix. To stay relevant, you should maintain your social media content regularly in order to keep your website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn alive and up-to-date. Social media, when employed correctly, allows clients to learn about your firm and your work, keeps your firm top of mind, and provides another avenue for clients to reach and find you. Regularly maintaining updates, images and posting relevant content is key to using social media well.

3) Generate some good reviews. Reach out to your happiest former clients and request that they send you opinions on your work. You can use their positive reviews as quotes to add to your site under Testimonials, and/or ask them to write reviews for your firm on the review sites in your field. A host of positive reviews online will lend itself to additional trust from potential clients and will make them secure in the fact that past successes can predict future achievements

We all know that networking is a vital aspect of building and growing a B2B company. As virtual networking becomes increasingly popular, here are a few tips on how to leverage this opportunity of taking networking directly to your computer screen.

1. Gather Information: When joining video conferences, gather information about attendees and topics of interest in advance so that you can maximize your time.

2. Interact: Don’t just be an observer, get involved! Stay active in the event’s chat by submitting questions and making connections with other virtual attendees.

3. Social Media: Expand your networking reach by turning to online opportunities like LinkedIn. This can be a great way to follow and engage with industry leaders and prospective customers. Have your professional profile strong and ready to make connections!

4. Be Proactive: Be sure to capture the names, emails, and social handles of the people you are interacting with in order to keep the connection strong.


When incorporating virtual networking into your to-do-list, it can seem a bit personal and nerve-racking. However, just like in-person events, the more you do it, the easier working the (virtual) room will be. Keep growing your business connections and relationships while respecting the need for social distancing with this new digital approach.