How to Utilize LinkedIn for B2B Marketing 

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing purposes. With more than 590 million users worldwide and 146 million in the U.S., the opportunity for lead generation via LinkedIn is massive. Now is the time for B2B marketers to take advantage of this opportunity and leverage LinkedIn as a tool for growth.

Here are some best practices for utilizing LinkedIn within your marketing mix: 

– Post content that informs and educates readers rather than just promote.

– Be consistent with your content and message. 

– Clearly explain your organization’s advantages and how you and your company can be of service to others. 

– Engage with your connections when they post for relationship-building.

– Join groups with your own name, not your company’s name, for a personal touch.

– Before joining a group, do not be influenced solely by size, but also by activity level and specificity of the topics as they relate to your company.

Your LinkedIn marketing strategy should embrace more than just lead generation. A marketer’s strategy can be expanded to include various areas of focus to include other aspects of creation. This can be keeping current customers informed and updated, establishing brand recognition, and driving traffic to your website. 

This cohesive strategy for LinkedIn provides new channels for content distribution and new opportunities to cultivate existing and new customer relationships. Happy connecting!