3 Key Research Factors to Consider When Defining Your Marketing Strategy 

An effective marketing strategy starts with a considered and well-informed approach to research. That research can then be developed into an effective action plan that will help you further define your vision, mission, and business goals while outlining the steps you need to take in order to achieve them. 

The following are the most crucial research components to consider when defining your marketing strategy. 

  1. Determine Your Goals. Whether it’s exposure, leads, partnerships, new sales opportunities, or keeping customers happy, determining your specific goal will give you a clear roadmap to work from during the strategic planning process. Be specific with each strategy plan and work backward from there. What steps will it take to reach those goals?
  2. Define Your Target Market. Proper audience research will give you a better chance of positive results from your marketing strategy. Always market to your exact target marketing, addressing their needs and interests with your messaging and branding. Providing value to the right audience, as defined through significant research and analytics, will create more successful results. 
  3. Establish Which Marketing Channels Are Best. You need to reach your target market through the channels they are most likely to respond to. Whether this is the press, social media, email marketing, brand activations at events, tradeshows or any number of other various channels, really the list is almost endless! Executing the research to determine which avenues are most effective for your brand and your audience will save time, money, and hours of effort.

Put a strategy in place to keep you organized, focused, and determined, but most importantly, always start with research. Keep these key factors in mind for a solid start in developing an effective marketing strategy that will accomplish the best results.